What would you attempt...
if you knew you would succeed?

I would ask Kathi for a date and drink one (or more) beer with her. Nothing more!
I would love this pregnancy and open my heart to it all!
find my keys
build a castle
attempt new things!!!
fly a kite
Flying for sure!.
I would tell her how I really feel
I would ask Brooke to be my girlfriend
Make up my mind without questioning myself.
meet justin bieber :)
Write a book.
Become the Renaissance Woman I know is in me to be: Novelist+Screenwriter+Producer. So let it be written!
I would open up a garden nursery
I would travel through each state in America
Very nice post, good luck! ;-)
cure depression
Stop hunger, hate and suffering around the world. Be a Formula 1 Pilot and become an Astronaut when I'm not racing rsrsrsrsrs :) You are great Jen!
travel the world and have villages take me in to learn other cultures
buy a mega millions lottery ticket!
Call Tony Robbins for a joint venture partnership
I would build a school for kiddos with autism, that is non-profit, and FREE for parnets, and Teach, using Montessori Philosopy. I would travel the way I want to travel and places want to see, with no worries or hesitations!
Start a web-based magazine!
Learn to fly a small airplane
Develop a cure for multiiple myeloma and graft versus host disease.
I would find a way to break all my invisible barriers that prevent me from letting loose, living for myself, and not worrying about others' opinions: singing, dancing, joking, putting myself out there for the world to see, as I imagine I am deep in my core.
Id quit my career and go back to school for a new one.
Live every precious day to the full. Engage with those around me to inspire and be inpired to greatness.
Open a fabulous spa with my sis offering only the best massage, yoga classes, healing jewelry, and tea. ralm
Run a Marathon
open a restaurant with my husband and quit my job.
I would be an author, psychologist and shamanic healer.
Good question
have the vasectomy reversal operation and enjoy a second family with my new wife.
run another marathon
complete a triathalon Buy a one way ticket and travel the world with only a backpack live a life in love
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Write a book inspiring women to leave their abusers partners and work in battered women shelters...it's possible to get away and be happy at last!
Eat healthier!
Reach out to the less fortunate.
Hmmmm....I would try to bring lifelong adversaries together- and celebrate the fact that we are all human, different, and uniquely special. The things that bond us together are far more compelling than that which drives us apart. It's like the quote from Mark Twain, 'Travel is fatal to hatred, bigotry, and narrow mindedness.' After you have spent a night sleeping with a family in a mud hut on the side of an active volcano, you wake up with a renewed sense of appreciation for what their lives are made of. You can't help but sense that we are all one people, just born into different environments- peel away the facade of clothing and material things, and we are stripped down to core- the foundation of who we really are. In that state we are both real and vulnerable, the essence of humanity.
Start my own company
I would create organic granolas and organic yogurt made of soy, rice or almond milk. I would also create a line of organic cheese and soap and candle products.
never settle
I would travel cross country in an RV, embracing as much diversity as our country has to offer and relocate my family to a culturally-rich and naturally-beautiful habitat. Oh wait... I already did that ;-)
Expand my business.....I would love to do a retreat and I know a lot of amazing, focused women who I think would also be interested.....let's do it! carey@rivercitypilates.com
Fly to the moon
First, get a comfortable home & surroundings. Second, set up a charitable Foundation to help the local homeless and food banks. Third, hire others and set up a program to really help beginning Internet Marketers & Entrepreneurs with little or no money to succeed. Fourth, pursue a few creative projects that are now on hold for awhile.
Become a successful and happy event planner :)
love another
Run for political office
I'm doing it...
trust my inner instincts and know that my calling for writing inspirational books and music that inspires others to live more positively, is what I'm supposed to do
Believe in my path. LT
Find the cure for cancer.
I would write a book...o yes I did that, already! I just don't know yet whether it will succeed. AW
stop world hunger
I would jump whole-heartedly into my dreams without doubt or fear or anxiety. Worry and self-doubt do nothing positive for our ability. Take a deep breath...and JUMP!!!
Making a big contribution to women and their evolution so that they become and express the leader that they are - putting their life energy, fine mind, and caring hearts into building a world that really works for our children and their children. Karen Buckley
I would climb big mountains. learn to ice climb and someday take help people recover from sadness by taking them into the woods where a part of us all belongs
I would quit my job and go study with the best wine makers in the world, traveling to every country that makes phenomenal wines and learning their secrets
I would contact my brother and tell him how I really feel about our relationship...
quit my job!
play volleyball and not have butterflies in my tummy!! dArn it...
move around the world and try all the experiences that I dream about... visit lots or countries... open a winery in new zeland... fufill my dreams with out a doubt in my mind
open my own business
Sell everything and sail the world to meet more people, experience new cultures and appreciate simplicity.
Protect nature.
cross every land mass on earth by foot.
have a lot more babies.
I would risk sharing my visions with others.
I would start a Women's Retreat and give women an opportunity to dig deeper into this question in the beautiful mountains of Tahoe. If you're interested and want more information, post a response with your email address.
so here's a more important question...why aren't you doing what you know is right? What speaks to your soul?
I would build furniture and make stained glass items
Go on a year long Buddhist retreat to become more enlightened. BB
Singing professionally
I would have another daughter with a soul as kind as my first daughter. Jen's mom
love my family more and more. grandma M...
Get married!
Quit my job, and travel the world documenting my experience
write a book about my life
I would start this website and let it inspire others to achieve more, dream big, and live a more fulfilling life. Thanks for contributing! Jennifer Lansink Founder WWYA
Run for president